Grain & Animal Nutrition

Rewarding Work.

Tyler Kester’ story is that of a small town Nebraskan: graduating college, trying out other states and ending up back in the good life. Kester, VP of Grain and Animal Nutrition, joined Aurora Coop in 2014 in marketing and merchandising, trading grain, shuttles and trucks. Within seven years, Kester’s department increased from two employees to eight, tripling the amount of grain handled. The success of his department is simply the result of hard, honest teamwork. Kester’s passion is developing people and building teams. He is able to see that rewarding process every day here at Aurora Coop.

Grain & Animal Nutrition

Our employees have a work hard, play hard mentality. We have a selfless group of people who work together as a family. Our employees understand their accountability at work and at home and we’re always pushing each other to be the best we can be. The whole company is cyclical like this. We work hard to make farmers successful and the hard work of our farmers is the reason we are successful. When our owners are successful, our employees will see success and ultimately we have a successful company.

Tyler Kester

Grain & Animal Nutrition

A Positive Year

Apart from the pandemic, our 2020 grain operations saw a record-setting year. Owners Acres set yield records for their research and we gained an ethanol plant to the west of Aurora. Alongside gaining the ethanol plant that will consume 35-40 million bushels of corn annually, we had a fast and hard successful harvest and moved our grain across the country and out of the continent in a time when many companies had to temporarily shut their doors or close permanently.

Harvest Records Set in 2020

Aurora West
Hit a new record of 559,000 bushels of corn taken out in a single day, beating the old record of 100,000 bushels.

Superior East
October 12th and 13th 2020, 2nd and 3rd largest corn harvest days on record, respectively.

October 12th, 13th and 14th, largest corn harvest days on record.

New record of 412,000 bushels of corn taken in a single day.

Show Your Skills.

We adapted this year and made sure our producers had the products and feed they needed to take care of their cows, swine, and sheep throughout the pandemic. Livestock didn’t stop eating or needing care regardless of the massive changes through the world. Nothing was going to stop our youth from showing their livestock in local county fairs and livestock shows, even if it did look a little different than normal. Our A-Show Feed rewards program had its second year of success in the ring rewarding 4-H and FFA members with prizes at Nebraska and Kansas state and county fairs, the Junior National Show and the Carcass Contest & Rate of Grain show.

Grain & Animal Nutrition