Community Investments

It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love probably. Sometimes it can be challenging, but it’s very rewarding at the end of the day, and without the team, it can’t be done.

Chief Reimers

Boelus Volunteer Fire Department

At our 2020 Annual Meeting, Greg Gersch crafted a memorable mural capturing the heart of Aurora Coop’s vision to be rooted in the community and, as always, be tougher together.


We got men and women from all walks of life and its all for one goal and that’s to help the community in case of an emergency.

Chief Cox

Aurora Volunteer Fire Department

Investing in the Future

Over this year, while many things were on hold, we kept our promise to the future generation of farmers and through our agricultural scholarship opportunities, awarded $10,000 to 15 promising students. The scholarships aided outstanding young students in their education to achieve their goals in the field of agriculture.

$1,000 recipients:

Blaine Bonifas – Aurora, Nebraska
Jennica Dannehl – Bertrand, Nebraska
Kalynn Meyer – Superior, Nebraska
Kyra Meyer – Blue Hill, Nebraska
Hannah Preissler – Giltner, Nebraska

$500 recipients:

Ragen Alfs – Shickley, NE
Ryan Brown – Gothenburg NE
Cole Consbruck – Doniphan, NE
Lucy Day – Yuma, CO
Raegan Fiala – Geneva, NE
Justin Stengel – Shickley, NE
James Wetovick – Fullerton, NE
Allison Wilkens – Gibbon, NE
Gage Wright – Hastings, NE
Brendan Wruble – Clarks, NE

I am incredibly grateful for my internship at Aurora Cooperative. I learned so much while working there and met many wonderful people, many of whom I would consider friends. The pandemic complicated the internship, but the people at Aurora Coop did their best to make sure that I received the best internship possible. I genuinely felt like a priority to everyone working there, and I do not think I could have asked for a better experience. Thank you to everyone at Aurora Cooperative.
Cameron Collins

Alliance, NE, UNL Student/Grain Accounting Intern


Growing a Generation

Though many internship programs were canceled in our industry, we made the decision to continue to create opportunities for future students pursuing a career in ag. In 2020, we were able to support 13 interns from these communities: Alliance, NE; Columbus, NE; Inwood, IA; Wallace, NE; Yutan, NE; Diller, NE; Trenton, MO; Pretoria, South Africa; Phillips, NE; Davenport, NE; Hebron, NE; Grand Island, NE; Giltner, NE. Though the internship looked a bit different from previous years, we were glad to safely serve the youth in our communities and beyond.
It’s nice when we can get a donation from Aurora Coop. It’s tough to have the funding, equipment and training, so we do everything we can to do our part to help the community out.
Chief Fry

Phillips Volunteer Fire Department

In the past Aurora Co-op has donated to our local FFA Chapter for activities and functions. Currently the Blue Hill Volunteer Fire Department is in the process of receiving funds from Aurora Co-op to help with the cost of a new fire truck. The generosity of Aurora Co-op has benefited many in our community.
Kyra Meyer

Scholarship Recipient

Intern to Employee

We are proud to be a part of a community of farmers. Striving to give back to the community by inspiring and educating the youth of the next generation and creating opportunities for them to succeed through scholarships and internships. Jacob Sloup, originally an intern at Aurora Coop in his senior year of college, is now a full-time sales agronomist. Through his internship, Jacob saw that being tougher together goes further than he could ever imagine, and found his passion for helping farmers across the midwest.

“Being from this part of the country, Aurora Coop is the first name that comes to mind regarding coops or farming. I had a couple friends whose family farms did business with Aurora Coop. When I started my internship, I worked a lot closer with growers, not just in their fields, but behind the scenes stuff. Once the relationship comes, everything else comes with it.” Before the pandemic, Jacob drove up and down the state, stopping by potential client’s farms for a face-to-face conversation and a chance to create a relationship.

Jacob Sloup
Jacob Sloup
Aurora Intern: Summer 2019
Sales Agronomist: 2019-Present
Aurora Cooperative has helped many farmers, as well as community members in the Bertrand
area. They have sponsored many events and provided support to our agriculture programs
within the community. We are very grateful to have Aurora Cooperative in this community.
Jennica Dannehl

Scholarship Recipient