Vision/Mission of Aurora

For farmers, every year presents a new challenge, this is nothing new. While this year presented increased obstacles, they were challenges nonetheless. At Aurora Coop, we did what we always do when facing an obstruction in our path: we leaned into the fight. We focused on our roots and were tougher together. We showed what it meant to be a healthy cooperative with healthy farmers, and succeeded. Here’s to 2020. Here’s to the future, together.

Timberlake Ranch Camps is so thankful for the donations from Aurora Cooperative. We appreciate the constant involvement that Aurora Cooperative has in our local communities in so many ways. We are excited to use this money to work with kids in the summer camping programs. Like many around our local communities, we have had to make adjustments in these current times. This money is a blessing to help us in continuing our summer camping mission with kids.

Charissa Smith

Timberlake Ranch Camps

A Symbiotic Relationship

Simply put, our dedication and trust we share with our farmer-owners make us tougher together. For more than a century, our foundational vision has never changed, and it is why we focus every decision and investment on what is best for the farmers who own this company. Now in 2021, we continue full force with the support and strength of our communities and farmers. Without you, we don’t matter. A strong farming community is a strong Aurora Coop.

a Symbiotic Relationship

Thank you so much for doing the Aurora Coop FFA Day. Our FFA chapter got to meet for the first time this year thanks to your virtual event.

Jonathan Anderson

Norfolk FFA

corn kernels

2020 in a Corn Kernel

The bad year. The year of uncertainty. The year of doubt. This concept isn’t a novelty for farmers. There’s a reason farmers are able to keep doing what they do and you can sum it up in a few words: hard work, determination and grit. With 700 employees, and thousands of farmer-owners who needed us to keep up and running more than ever, we knew we had to lean into the challenge of the pandemic and fight. We aren’t happy to say it, but initially, fear had its way.

We reduced our office to 20% and everyone had to make proactive decisions. We began seeing the good of 2020. We slowed down and it gave us time to remember what is important. We spent more time with our families and remembered to not get caught up in life’s trivialities.

We clearly saw we were all in it together. We are resilient and this year we learned we could overcome just about anything. We faced our fears and the unknown. We created a sanitizing team to clean our offices so we could come back to work and remove fear. We brought new ideas for new solutions to the field. We supported our owners through unique conditions and serviced them in new ways so they could keep operating.  We prepared for the worst so we could deliver the best. We never quit, no matter how many times we heard the word “no”. We proved that we were tougher together.

Aurora Cooperative Night at Bands on the Bricks was a success! The band sounded amazing with rave reviews from the crowd! Thank you to all the Young Ag Professionals that joined us,  we hope you had a great time!

Sara Sutherland

Aurora Chamber of Commerce

Letter to Our Owners

As a farmer, your story is not just words on a page. It doesn’t start with ink in a pen or a pencil sharpener. A story starts with your first decision of the day,

how you lean into the obstacles you face and the traditions you continue,

up to the last task you check off before rest. It’s how you work with your hands and minds, your hearts and souls. Every day, you cultivate the land and craft your story through hard work, determination and grit. This year, the world flipped upside down, adding a complex chapter to your life no one could foresee. While 2020 had its doubts, one thing you can be certain will never change:

our commitment to your family farm.

As your partner, we are tougher together, and will continue the legacy of your family’s farm with the same determination the first Aurora Cooperative partnerships had in 1908. After serving farmers for over 100 years, we’ve seen your stories unfold. We’ve come to know your community and your operations.

We are invested in you and we promise to lean into any challenge, together.

We thank you for your 100+ years of trust in us. When you, our farmers, are healthy, we are a healthy cooperative. Let’s continue working tougher together for an even stronger future.

Chris Vincent & Bill Schuster
Bill Schuster

Bill Schuster

Chris Vincent

Chris Vincent
President & CEO

A 2020 View of Aurora Cooperative

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